The most important aspect of coffee production isn’t the type of beans used or the brewing method—it’s all about freshness. While coffee flavors do vary greatly based on where the beans are grown, their unique flavors become dull when the beans are ground up and shipped across the world. Because of this, Green Star Grains produces only raw, organic green coffee beans that are ready for roasting after arrival.


Ethiopian coffee beans are unique in coffee production due to the vast biodiversity found in each of Ethiopia’s coffee producing regions. Ethiopian beans create robust brews that are full-bodied, sweet, and exotic. Many claims that they have a “wine-like” flavor and dryness that adds to their complexity. While varieties vary by region, each cup of Ethiopian coffee is rich, distinct, and flavorful.



Kenyan coffee beans produce heavy, flavorful brews with fruity and floral notes. Kenyan coffee isn’t for the faint of heart—each cup features a robust flavor and vibrant mouthfeel that coffee connoisseurs love. When freshly roasted, Kenyan coffee beans offer a potent drinking experience with a sophisticated flavor profile of citrus, pepper, and blackberry.



Arabica beans are one of the most popular types of coffee beans in the world. Famous for their soft, sweet taste, Arabica beans are considered one of the highest quality types of coffee beans available on the market. This is due to the unique growing conditions required to bring out the full flavor of Arabica beans. Grown predominantly in Latin America and throughout Africa, organic Arabica beans are brewed to create coffee with complex flavor profiles that are often described as sugary and fruity.



Columbia produces nearly 10 percent of the entire world’s supply of coffee beans, and when you take a sip, you’ll understand why. Colombian coffee beans are used as the base for many of the coffee brews enjoyed throughout the world, featuring a sweet, fruity aroma and a mild, nutty aftertaste.

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